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What we do

Internet of Things [Device Dev]

Custom IoT hardware, firmware, edge router, certifications, prototypes and batch production

Internet of Things [App Dev]

Cloud side application development for your IoT ecosystem

Predictive Maintenance [AI]

Design and implement algorithms to enable predictive maintenance of your field deployed devices

Focus on “what”. We simplify the “how”

With our expertise in end-to-end IoT space, you get all services under one roof

  • Hardware design for new devices
  • Retrofit legacy devices with new hardware
  • Integrate 3-party hardware
  • Firmware development
  • Prototype and batch manufacturing
  • Reusable designs and components
  • Cloud integration

Our portfolio of hardware, firmware and software includes patented security implementations and practices.

Our work


FCC certified, USB powered wireless temperature and humidity monitoring device


STM32 based cryptography module. Add security to your devices. AES128, SHA256, HMAC-SHA256

STM32 Flasher

Custom STM32 flasher for mass production. USB-UART interface

Internet connected ‘Super-Safe’ gold locker

An internet connected gold storage locker for securing mortgaged gold against loan.

  • Multi-party authentication to open locker
  • 24×7 connected and monitored
  • Multi-location , simultaneous keying
  • Image of locker contents at all times for customers
  • Tamper alarm
  • Power outage alarm

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